• Something more about the massage therapy!

    Are you suffering from pains and aches? Have you been through a sports accident or injury? Are headaches a frequent occurrence for you? Do you feel tired after a full night sleep? Have you ever considered visiting a massage therapist? A specialized massage therapy can relieve you of all these issues. Especially when you deal with experts, you can benefit from all the qualifications and expertise they have in numerous different services designed to address the symptoms, injuries as well as your overall well-being. The Simple Touch Massage has been successfully comforting and treating its clients for 20 years in Milwaukee WI.

    Relaxing massages provided by real professionalsA professional massage therapy will stimulate your immune system while energizing your lymph glands. This will not only improve the digestion but also increase the blood circulation throughout your body. In addition, a sports massage therapy can speed up the healing of musculoskeletal traumas. Sports massage can assist you in improving the sleeping process by activating and releasing serotonin and endorphins. It will also reduce one’s general amenability to depression and anxiety. Below you will find the most common types of massages.

    • Pressure point massage. It works on acupressure points throughout your body and can have intense results in relieving headaches and back pain.

    • Swedish massage, or also called classic massage, uses long strokes on your legs, arms or back and it is useful in lessening joint stiffness and pain.

    • Deep tissue massage is a technique that works with sustained pressure to reach deep into the connective tissues and muscles usually focusing on certain areas of your body in one session frame so as not to overwhelm.

    • Polished stones are first being warmed in a hot water, and they are often used in conjunction with manual manipulation. The procedure is performed through application along to your shoulders or the spine, legs, hands and feet. These stones are made to retain the heat and let it radiate slowly and thoroughly into your muscles.

    When you have decided to use a massage service you will have to make sure that the therapists are licensed and dedicated to making you feel relaxed. The other thing you have to pay attention to is the space whether it is welcoming and peaceful. It is essential, that during the massage service, the professional applies only the finest oils and respect your preferences. The massage therapists should also have calming music playing and use the right level of lighting throughout the treatment. They have to take into consideration your current problems and history in order to provide the best course of therapy for you. Last but not least the specialists must know the various techniques of massages which are designed to provide you with therapeutic benefits by eliminating pain, increasing range of motion, temporarily reducing blood pressure and lessening swelling.

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