• Purpose, Techniques and Effects of Sports Massage

    Are you a Milwaukee WI resident who is considering getting a sports massage? This type of massage is intended for athletes or people who participate in sporting activities. It helps them achieve their goals by maintaining a good physical condition. It is indispensable for increasing the stamina and strength of the body, the healing of traumas as well as injuries. It is also very useful for people with physically demanding jobs and those who are afflicted with chronic pain, restricted range of movement and others. A sports masseur has to have the relevant qualifications in order for the procedure to be truly beneficial. He or she has to be knowledgeable in anatomy and physiology.

    Now you are at the right place. You found the best therapeutic massageSports massage is typically performed, before, after and during athletic events. Its purpose is to get the athlete ready for maximum performance, to rid him or her of fatigue, swelling, muscular tension, to prevent injuries and increase flexibility. During physical activity, the body’s soft tissues accumulate tension and stress. These can be relieved with the help of massage. It can also heal minor injuries and lesions which have been caused by overuse or overexertion. It can prevent the problems that stand in the way of achievement and performance, regardless of whether a person is a professional athlete or just your average jogger.

    During the massage, the specialist will focus on problematic areas, rather than the entire body. Each sport uses different muscle groups. Depending on the sport and the problem of the athlete, the masseur will pay more attention to their specific areas of concern. The idea is to aid strained muscles and allow healthy ones to realize their full potential, while reducing the risk of injury.

    The technique that is used is a combination of traditional Swedish Massage and Shiatsu and is especially designed to suit the needs of professional athletes or ordinary people participating in sports activities. Three techniques of the Swedish massage are most commonly used when massaging athletes. These are effleurage, petrissage and friction. The first technique utilizes long, soothing and stroking movements, with the masseur applying oil to his or her hands. The strokes are done in the direction of the heart and away from it, in order to stimulate circulation. Petrissage involves rolling, kneading and picking up the muscles and skin. These movements aid the strengthening of the structures. Friction is characterized by circular motions with the hands and thumbs. It focuses on specific areas of tightness.

    The benefits of sports massage are many. Not only does it make one feel good, it also reduces the blood pressure and heart rate, stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow, improves flexibility, reduces muscle tension. It boosts athletic performance and endurance, reduces recovery time and lessens the chances of injury.

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