• Most popular massage therapy techniques – How can you benefit from each of them?

    Beginners guide to massage therapy techniques

    There are many types of massage therapy. It affects every limb in the body, as well as the musculoskeletal and circulatory systems. It has many benefits for the the body and the mind alike. It rejuvenates and relaxes, and is practiced almost everywhere. There are numerous massage therapists offering various services even at your doorstep.

    That is why, we think it is important to know what you are buying when you hire a massage therapist. Here is a short list of the most popular techniques and treatment styles in massage therapy.

    Swedish massage. It’s one of the most popular massage techniques. It is used for relaxation mostly, but it is also a very good procedure to begin a massage session with. Swedish massage is the base of modern massage therapy and almost every certified therapist can perform it. It involves long straight and circular strokes.

    Hot stone massage. It’s most commonly used along with Swedish massage for increasing the calming and relaxing effect on the customer. It involves placing hot volcanic rocks on specific places on the shoulders and back muscles.

    Thai massage. This one is also very popular, but has a different approach to massage therapy. It includes stretching and moving into series of similar to yoga positions. This type of massage lasts between one and two hours.

    Deep tissue. Like Thai massage, Deep tissue is one of the energizing techniques. It targets mostly strained, or otherwise hurt muscles, but it is also good for treating posture problems. Deep tissue massage affects the deeper layers of muscle tissue by using short hard strokes and applying pressure. It is normal to feel soreness after such a massage, but the results are worth it.

    Sports massage. This one is very similar to Deep tissue. It promotes fast recovery and high results in athletes. It helps prevent injuries too.

    If you want to test the effects of a good massage therapy on yourself, don’t hesitate to call The Simple Touch Massage. We are located in Milwaukee WI and are available for appointments at (414) 321-3240.

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