• Massage Therapy

    Need to remove your back pain or whiplash? Or want a day of relaxation and rest in professional hands? Spending a day with me at my massage studio can truly work wonders on both your mind and body. The Simple Touch Massage is a leading massage therapist in Milwaukee. I proffer top quality massage therapy services that are priced affordably and delivered with my professional hands. Garnering more than 20 years of experience under my belt, The Simple Touch Massage has been able to establish a solid reputation. So, what’s stopping you from getting a massage service from The Simple Touch Massage? Therapeutic massage implements the manipulation of soft tissues to induce a relaxing or soothing effect or to treat a range of physical conditions. Me as a massage therapist touch to stimulate muscle and soft tissue, which ultimately leads to relief. The Simple Touch Massage carries the experience to successfully treat discomforts and physical conditions or relieve the stress you are experiencing with.

    Massages therapiesWhether it is a sharp back pain or worn out muscles, home service or urgent appointments, we at The Simple Touch Massage are flexible enough to cater to all different needs and demands of clients.My service rates are affordable and I give different service packages including hourly massages or fixed priced plans.

    I also imparts promotional offers and discounts, which provide more money savings. But low-cost should not mean a concurrent degradation of service quality. At The Simple Touch Massage, I never compromise the excellent quality of work we give to clients. My facility is well maintained, all rooms are efficiently managed and organized to inspire peace and relaxation, and all equipment and products used on clients are up to date, tested, and proven safe and effective.

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