• How To Recognize a Good Massage Therapist

    What really makes a good massage is the massage therapist who is performing it. How can we find such a masseur in Milwakee WI? The first indication that a professional is good is their reputation. The specialists who are most popular are usually more attentive to their customers’ needs. If a masseur has a positive review on the Internet or is recommended to you by a friend, chances are they are good. However, a lot depends on the “chemistry” that is created between the one who does the massage and the one who receives it. Sometimes, you will try 3-4 therapists before you find the one that makes you feel comfortable. However, there are some general criteria that the professional should meet. 

    Massage therapistsFirst you should make sure that the masseur is licensed and certified. Massage is not a simple business. It is a form of therapy and, therefore, a certain knowledge of anatomy and physiology is required from those who practice it. The therapist should also be insured against malpractice. When asking about their qualifications, you should also ask for a copy of their malpractice insurance certification. A good masseur will keep notes of the massage sessions. This will help them to become more familiar with your needs. Therefore, they will always know on which areas of the body they worked during the last session. Before the massage begins, the therapist should ask you to fill out a questionnaire. Your answers will give him or her information about your general health condition and about the specific problems that you have. In this way, he or she will know what issues require special attention. Some may even ask you if you are ticklish, or you have any preferences about which part of your body should be massaged.

    A good masseur should be able to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in the massage room. The temperature should be just right – not to hot and not too cold. Remember that you will be lying there with just one blanket over you. A good therapist will tuck in your blanket and allow you to relax throughout the entire session. They will use lotions and oils. However, they should ask if you have anything against that, and if you do, they should take your wishes into consideration.

    A good masseur should not apply too much or too little pressure on your body. Otherwise, the massage will either cause you a lot of pain or will not be useful to you at all. The therapist should start by applying a relatively good amount of pressure and use the different techniques throughout the massage so that you don’t feel pain. When you turn around, he or, she should assist you with your blankets and make sure that nothing is exposed.

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